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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Next One

wow. someone out there shares my opinion of sidney crosby. go read this highly opinionated article (or just the first part where he talks about crosby), and see how closely this guy's thoughts mirror my own.

my pals thought i was a little blunt a couple of weeks ago when i called sid the kid a whiny assed baby in mcguire's, but he is. i am not going to deny that the kid has talent (because he does, and anyone who has seen him play knows this), but he seems to have the attitude of your typical spoiled brat who thinks he's entitled to special treatment and that anyone who deigns to lay a hit on him automatically deserves a trip to the sin bin. but maybe i'm just one of those flyers fans who have pegged him as a diver - which he is. i'll admit that derian hatcher deserved the penalties he took for roughing up crosby, but as i've said before, derian hatcher is a twit, and crosby sure was bitching a lot for a guy who drew several penalties against hatcher. not to mention all those times when crosby was the victim of a perfectly legal hit (some that weren't even that hard) and went sprawling, lying there looking at the ref, who obviously wasn't going to call anything (as he shouldn't). it's hockey, kid. you are going to get hit sometimes, and you need to learn to take it better. if it's an illegal hit that doesn't get called, bitch about it. if you had the puck and just freakin' got laid out by a great check, well, you've played this game long enough to know that it happens.

maybe crosby just isn't a physical enough player to suit my tastes (i'm sure you all know that i go for the guys who can hit - and get hit), but for now i'm sticking to my story that he's whiny... and i'm not the only one who thinks so.

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Vanessa Mae said...

First of all, let me state for the record that I like Sidney Crosby. The things this kid can do, and the fact that he can do some stuff at age 18 better than others twice his age in the NHL, says a lot about him. That, and the fact that he doesn't fit the stature of a (now) typical NHL player and can STILL put up great numbers is something that this person didn't take into account.

However, therein lies the rub. In the NHL today, you HAVE to get past the bigger, more physical defense. It's part of the game. Crosby was wooed into the idea (by the media, and perhaps even the Pittsburgh organization itself) that he was the superstar that couldn't be touched (like NO ONE would ever check Gretzky)... which is not the case. It's unfortunate but I do agree with the guy on that account. Crosby should accept it as part of the NHL today and shut the peeps up by doing what he does best (score). The whole business with the A on the jersey is indeed a joke, and the Pens should have known better and taken a look at a team who had already tried to do the same thing (The Lightning with Lecavalier given the C) and failed.

If anything, I blame the Pens for what they've done to him... by letting him get too big for his britches. I thought Super Mario would have done a better job taking Sid under his wing, but I feel that what he really did was milk Sid's fame for all it's worth. Shame, shame.