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Friday, September 08, 2006

I´m Here for the Party

so, today was our last official day of the spain course. and, of course, we had to have a party to send off the class right. so, we had a huge shindig here at the lab last night. i don´t think i´ve mentioned that we american girls might have frightened the cute spanish boys here just a wee bit. i think they thought that kelly and i were stalking them at lunch, since that´s always when we´d see them. the two grad students who have been here since we arrived are named fran (short for francisco) and andres. they don´t really have much confidence in their english skills, so they were a tad afraid to talk to us at first. so kelly and i started talking to them at lunch every day. this was pure coincidence. they always just happened to come into the kitchen every day while kelly and i were eating. kelly and i are kind of silly together (as you might imagine), and i tend to talk sort of fast (as i´m sure you know). so they always had to tell me to slow down, but they were perfectly capable of having conversations with us in spanglish. my spanish isn´t great, but i can usually get my point across. anyway, i think they were a little intimidated by our hotness.

so, we kept trying to convince fran and andres to come out with us one night, and they both said they would definitely come to the party (which they did). it was a blast. one of the guys who works here made a HUGE bowl of sangria, there was much beer, and we did apple pie shots (apple juice, vodka, whipped cream, and cinnamon). i think i may have had a wee bit too much to drink. oh, did i mention that i haven´t slept since 11 am on thursday? it´s about 2 am saturday morning right now. i don´t possess the brain power to figure out how many hours i´ve been awake.

anyway, back to the story. there was much drinking, much dancing, more drinking, a little chasing, and lots of fun. we really brought fran out of his shell at the party. he´d always been a little shy before that. andres, on the other hand, is a dirty, dirty boy. but he´s a nice guy, and i took lots of cute pictures of myself with his camera.

let´s have a look at some photos of the madness, shall we?

here´s me wrestling whipped cream away from fran. he had sprayed it on me and nicole (also in the pic), and i wanted to get him back.

here´s one of fran taking an apple pie shot. it takes a lot of hands to coordinate those things.

now here´s one of andres after his team lost three rounds of flip cup in a row. for some reason, the idea to remove some clothing if that happened materialized. i never removed any clothing.

so, after all the madness here at the lab, just wasn´t ready to let the party go yet, so he took some of us into town for churros and dancing at a club. there were five of us who went - me, nicole, fran, just, and mercedes (one of the female grad students here, whom we just met). we ended up having tons of fun. fran even danced without any coaxing. he even twirled me of his own accord. then i twirled him. the nicole and i twirled each other, and just danced on a little stage thingie until he was mobbed by 40 year old women. it was funny.

see, the reason that only 5 of us went was because everyone else was in bed. because we didn´t leave until 3:30 am. and we went to the aquarium in valencia today. so we had to catch a train at 7 am. so nicole and i did not sleep. we got home from the club at 5:30, showered, and headed for the train station. then kelly and i had to take down an experiment after we got back from valencia at almost 10 pm, and i have been attempting to burn all of our pictures to dvd, but i am having some difficulties. seeing as i haven´t slept in nearly two days and that i am going to madrid tomorrow, i think i should go to sleep now.


Vanessa Mae said...

I'm freaking thrilled for you... that you are having the time of your life in my most favorite country in the world (mi pais mas favorito de todo del mundo).

AND YOU'RE GOING TO MADRID, my MOST FAVORITE city! So, so happy to read... and you ate churros (hopefully with cocoa, cuz I know you're a chocolate addict).

How was the aquarium in Valencia?

latina marie said...

i will admit that my experience with the chocolate churros was not the best one (we'd had churros with sugar earlier in the week). i'd had a LOT to drink, and it was just a tad too heavy for me at the moment. i was fine after a couple of minutes, though, and they were tatsy.

i think fran was a little worried about me that night. nicole said that he kept watching for me to come out of the bathroom when i went to pee at the dance club we went to. he was so funny. at the party, he asked me what joey always said to women on friends ('cause it translates differently), and then he'd pop out with "how you doing?" in his spanish accent at random times all night. i'll try to post a better picture of him. i'm sure i have one. just was trying to start trouble in the car on the way into town for churros. he was like, "when else are you going to have such a beautiful spanish man sitting this close to you?" i was squished in the middle of his tiny back seat between nicole and fran at the time. but fran IS a beautiful spanish man.

the aquarium was amazing. we spent 6 hours there, and we could have been there even longer. i was extremely excited by the Mola mola (sunfish). they get HUGE and are extremely rare. the one there was only about a meter across, though. it was a baby.

oh, and madrid was a blast, too.