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Saturday, December 16, 2006


oh god. deep breaths, latina. i'm having severe flashbacks from last hockey season... only this year might be worse because the flyers suck, too. and i actually thought pensacola had a chance to be a decent hockey team at the start of the season. but things seem to be falling apart at the seams. first, mole gets called up. no big deal, we've got ayers to cover things in goal. but no. ayers wants to go play in denmark (not that i blame him). ok, we signed matt carmichael, and he was good the couple of games he played for pcola last season. but no, he was released. so who are we left with? ben gray, who apparently wasn't good enough to make the team in the first place! and another emergency backup goaltender (who is not chuck thuss. i just think it would be fun if chuck thuss would be our emergency backup for once).

on top of this, freakin' greg schuh is coaching this weekend... along with dwayne hay. hello! he can't play if he's coaching. but i guess he'd be better than greg schuh. no wonder they lost last night. i hate to say it, but they'll probably lose tonight, too, even though they're playing columbia, whose roster is, like, us from last season. maybe they'll kick ass and prove me wrong...

we've made so many roster moves this year... it's like a totally different team than the one we started with. but like last year, all these changes haven't really improved anything. and now we're getting players from the SPHL. geez. but i guess we did get that one guy with the weird name from augusta... he was #5 for them. i remember because i always made fun of his name. and you know, i've seen them, like, 4 times already.

i'm starting to lose hope here, people. will this team ever be decent again?

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Vanessa Mae said...

Yeah, Clark was allowed to go home to Maine to see his mother (who is dying of cancer). He won't be back until AFTER Christmas, which is why Schuh and Dwayne were behind the bench.

I liked how our team was built until Hill left. That really sucked. Then losing Ayers with Mole up in Bridgeport. I am very tempted now to submit my official petition to get X-man down here to play for us. Losing Henley to the 4 game suspension hasn't helped the situation. We can probably write off this season again just as we did last year ... another "season of which we do not speak".

But whaddya know... the guys won last night in Columbia. Maybe they will be a bit nicer at the party tonight because of that.