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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stupid Karma

so if you spend three years killing seagrass by infecting it with the wasting disease pathogen, does that automatically mean that you are destined to kill seagrass forever and ever? after five weeks of perfectly healthy and green seagrass in my culture tanks, it is starting to die. :( and i am sad. see, i need it alive for another two weeks. i have my suspicions as to what has gone so horribly awry - i think these stupid high july temperatures are starting to get to my grass. some of it still looks really green, but some shoots are just goners. pretty much all of the hated Halodule that i collected from PSJ is brown. most of the stuff from perdido key looks ok, though. i just hope i can salvage enough green shoots for my lab experiments, which i'll start in a couple of weeks. i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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