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Friday, February 01, 2008

Things About Max

  • today he is 11 days old
  • he pees on me at least twice a day
  • sometimes he poops on me, too
  • strangely, i don't really mind. chad and i just laugh about it like crazy people.
  • he refuses to sleep in his crib
  • he doesn't like to sleep alone
  • he loves it when i put in him bed with me
  • he will sleep in his bouncer, sometimes in his swing, and most recently in his play pen - but never in his crib. even if he was impossible to wake up five minutes before, as soon as i put him down in the crib, he wakes up and usually starts crying.
  • he only likes the soothie pacifier from the hospital, not the other pacifiers that we have
  • he likes to fall asleep with his pacifier, but once he's really sleeping he spits it out
  • he hates to be naked
  • he really hates diaper changes and sponge baths
  • i can't stand to hear him cry
  • today his umbilical cord fell off
  • today he tried to talk to me with baby noises that weren't cries or grunts
  • he smiles right before he poops
  • he purses his lips when i run a finger from his nose down to his chin
  • he always sleeps with his hands by his face
  • the sound of the microwave door closing startles him (but the microwave dinging doesn't, and neither do most other loud noises)
  • his tiny head makes my tiny child hands look huge (my little sister's hands have been bigger than mine for over 4 years, ever since she was 10)
  • he is pretty much the cutest baby ever
  • he is pretty much a peeing machine
  • he spits up a lot
  • he makes me worry about him constantly (is he eating enough? too much? is he pooping enough? is he gaining weight? is he spitting up too much? am i completely screwing him up?)
  • i am hopelessly in love with him


Vanessa Mae said...

This is by far your best blog entry ever. EVER. I can't wait to see the little guy again.

Deva said...
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Deva said...

I will concur!! I started laughing at certain points!! Lots of hugs and kisses to you and Mr. Max!!! Miss you!!!