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Monday, November 24, 2008

Sick Baby

  • doesn't sleep. ever. unless he is being held and you are sitting up.
  • so you get no sleep.
  • holding baby all the time seriously hinders your typing ability.
  • which seriously hinders your ability to meet the thanksgiving deadline to have the first chapter of your dissertation completed and in your advisor's hands.
  • also doesn't eat much. and only wants baby food, despite recent successes with table food.
  • chokes on cheerios and puffs, two of his favorite foods.
  • because his poor little throat is raw and swollen, making that whole swallowing thing difficult.
  • can't go to daycare. and will probably miss the whole week (daycare is closed thurs and fri for thanksgiving).
  • BIG hindrance to the writing. sick awake babies are DEMANDING.
  • and now he doesn't want to take medicine. at all. he is usually very accepting of medicines and sucks on the dropper. now he cries, and i have to sneak it in really quick while his mouth is open.
  • not an ear infection, just a virus, but a nasty one. doc says we can administer 1/2 tsp. of benadryl at bedtime to help with the runny nose that soaks his sheet and help him sleep.
  • got a prescription for ear drops anyway, in case he having some ear pain due to the upper respiratory infection. if he seems to be having lots of ear pain, and if he still has a fever wednesday we'll have to go see the doc again.
  • poor baby. hopefully he will get better quickly.

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Holly said...



sorry - just realized my own infant hit caps lock... typing with one hand -- can't go back and fix...

anyway, i do hope max feels better, soon - and that you don't catch it.

(my sympathies on the dissertation deadline, too, btw - i feel your pain)