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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Permits Have Taken Over My Life

i sent off my last permit application today, so hopefully i can move on to something else and stop boring everyone with permit talk. i also got my passport application stuff all done today for spain. my picture kind of sucks, but what else can i expect when i get it taken in an office with flattering-to-no-one fluorescent lighting? that was expensive.

speaking of expensive, i also made a list of materials that i need for all of my experiments for the summer and called around and surfed the net to get prices for everything. i need a butt load of PVC and PVC accessories. about $700 worth, to be exact. when i called lowe's this morning asking about 1300 ft of 1/2" PVC, the guy who was running around all over the store checking things out for me was like, "are you with the sea lab?" i guess no one else in town wants impossible to find PVC fittings and mass quantities of PVC. i also gave the guy the website address that was graciously provided to me by charlie where we finally managed to find the aforementioned PVC fitting so that he could direct anyone else who needs those things there. now i'm waiting for dr. v. to find me the money to order about $2100 worth of supplies. when it comes through, i'll get down to ordering stuff.

i'm planning to go to port st. joe to start an experiment the 1st week of june (so much for starting things before hurricane season, eh?), so the permits better come through before then.

some of you may know that monday was chad's and my anniversary. we had dinner at carrabba's, and that was about it. in a couple of years we'll start doing big anniversary celebrations... like going on a cruise.

well, that's about all that's going on in my life right now, so i'm outie.


Holly said...

Very happy anniversary!

And good luck with research money, piping and permits, and all the non-romantic stuff of grad school!

Deva said...

Happy 2nd Annivesary!!!! I can't believe its been two years