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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Still Here, I Swear

though it has been a while since i've shared thoughts from latina land, i have not fallen out of existence. strangely, i have been busy yet somewhat bored at the same time. i know, that makes no sense.

yesterday, i got the first comments on my prospectus from someone other than dr. v. hopefully, the rest of the committee will come through with their comments soon. so far, i don't think that the revisions will be too traumatizing. but i am only considering one set of comments out of 4. my experiments will push forward, regardless of a lack of opinions from the committee. i had to push things back a couple of days, though. i met with our vehicle check out guru yesterday morning to see what sea lab vehicles are available for when i need them, and nothing was available for next monday and tuesday. damn summer school. so, i'm going to PSJ (that's port st. joe, remember?) next wedensday-thursday instead. i also went ahead and signed out either a suburban or a club cab truck for all the dates i need through august. that was fun.

after my adventures in vehicle-checking-out, one of the directed studies students in dr. v.'s lab for the summer helped me cut the plastic mesh screening that i need to make the cages for my experiments. i was grateful for the help, since it was very hot outside (in the 90's), and things went much faster with two people cutting. he was like, "i have nothing to do, and i hear you need to build cages." so i took him up on his offer of assistance. hey, why not, right?

plans for today aren't as sweaty. i re-typed a protocol for another girl who needs to do some of the chemical analyses that i did last summer and emailed that to her. in a few minutes, i'm going to head down to the island to pick up a permit to take to PSJ next week, and then we have a meeting about the spain trip this afternoon. and that's all for the day.

well... i guess i do have some reading to do, and i need to stop in at the sea lab library for a bit.

okee. gotta run now. until next time...

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