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Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm Going to Freeze

hello all. i am currently busy damning the fact that i chose to engage in field work in the fall. i have apparently just come to the realization that field work involves water, that water is wet, and that it gets cool and windy in the fall, especially at the beach. what the hell was i thinking? why would i ever think that getting wet and chopping up seagrass on a windy 46-50 degree morning (and on a day with an afternoon high of just 67-68) is a good idea? why? why would i do this to myself? i am not a masochist. i like myself kind of a lot. and yet i torture you, self...

as you might have guessed, i have to go port st. joe tomorrow to sample my field experiments. that really sucks, as the low tonight is 46, and the high tomorrow is 68. at least i won't get into the water until tomorrow afternoon. but tuesday... let's just say i'm going to freeze. the overnight low tomorrow is 43 degrees in port st. joe. add a 15-25 mph wind and water to that, and that makes for one shivering and miserable and wet latina.

rochelle is my bitch, er... helper for this trip, but i don't think she really minds the cold, being from st. louis and all. i've advised her to bring along a wetsuit just the same. i wonder if she'd be willing to come back with me in a couple of weeks when i take the experiments down... if not, i'd better start begging for help now. i guess she'll be able to make a more informed decision about next time after we return on wednesday. we shall see.

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