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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Teddy Graham

so, chad and i went to the doctor today for my ultrasound and to talk about the results of all the lab tests i had done last time. basically, everything was (and is) fine. i've gained exactly 1 pound since my last visit 2 weeks and 2 days ago (which seems ok since you're only supposed to gain 3 or 4 pounds over the first trimester - and it could have been because i wore shorts last time and jeans this time), i don't have any std's or other infections (not that i thought i did or anything), i'm not anemic, my blood sugar and pressure are both fine (even though i think a bp of 126/58 is a little weird), my blood type is O+, and the baby looks amazing. the ultrasound technician likened it to a teddy graham, which i kind of liked.

they gave us 4 pictures from the ultrasound, along with a video. here, have a look at thetinytina (as kelly has taken to calling it).

you can't really see a whole lot, but i like how they conveniently labeled the head (which looks ginormous!) and the body. it's probably about the size of a teddy graham right now, too. i was really relieved when i saw the baby on the ultrasound. all the books i've been reading have been freaking me out over what all can go wrong. but thetinytina looks pretty much perfect, just like an almost 10-week old embryo (soon to be fetus) should. we could see him/her waving his/her little arms around, and we could hear the heart beating (at a healthy 167 bpm - man, that's fast!). it was pretty amazing. chad was surprised that we could hear the heart beat this early. he said it seems small to have such a strong heartbeat already. then i informed him that heartbeat begins at 18 days (i saw it on an anti-abortion billboard along I-10).

so anyway, that was pretty much my day. i guess you can tell that i'm going to be posting tons of baby pictures later on if i'm rushing to post an ultrasound photo. at my check-up in 8 weeks, we'll get to find out the sex. i can't wait!


Vanessa Mae said...

You know we're ALL about the baby pictures!

I squealed for joy when I saw your ultrasound picture posted. It already looks so cute! So happy that things are coming along so well so far.

Deva and I will come visit you soon. I promise! We'll make plans.

Holly said...

It's an obsession, isn't it? I check every day... "ooo - today the baby can..." NO WORK done, at all.