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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


i know, i know. it's been quite a while since the last time i bothered to write anything, and for that i apologize. i've just been a bit... uninspired lately. i've been spending all my time in the lab at USA running samples or at DISL checking on my seagrass culture stuff (still going strong, knock on wood!). i went back to port st. joe this past weekend, and i'll be heading back there on sunday. but this time it will be for fun... well, there will be a small amount of work. but it will mostly be for fun. chad's parents wanted to go camping for the 4th (because they bought this camper when their house got messed up by hurricane ivan, decided to keep paying for it after their house was fixed, and have used it exactly once since then, which leaves them feeling that they aren't getting their money's worth - which they aren't. and for some reason they insist on not using it unless chad and i go on a trip with them. only they never want to go anywhere but gulf shores, and to me gulf shores is just not worth staying overnight). anyway, chad suggested port st. joe would be a good place to go camping, and the in-laws have never been there. so we're going over there on sunday and coming back on wednesday. we'll probably also drive over to st. andrew's state park in panama city one day and go snorkeling along the jetty there... and i'll make a stop at the NOAA lab to pull up the shoots i marked for growth measurements last sunday.

yeah, so that's pretty much it here in latina-land. i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and i'm kind of excited about this one because i'm having my first ultrasound. i mean, the baby's like, the size of a grape or something, but still. exciting.

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