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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Baby Inventory?

thanks to holly, who did something similar on her baby blog, i'm thinking of making a baby inventory list here on my own blog. this probably would have been most helpful a few weeks ago before my baby shower (and my mini baby shower, or baby shower part deux, which is happening later today), but if nothing else it should help me keep track of things we have. i'm pretty sure there isn't a whole heck of a lot that we still need, but i'm sure there are things that would be nice to have. so later today i may take stock of all the baby things we currently have and start a post dedicated to that.

as i mentioned, i will be having baby shower part deux today. i'm excited about it. since there were a few people who couldn't make it to the big baby shower a couple of weeks ago, they decided they wanted to throw me a sort of mini shower today. so we're planning on having dinner at chili's and getting more baby stuff. yay! and this time chad has to go, since both kelly and carly are bringing their significant others. i think he's ok with it since it's pretty much just dinner at chili's with some baby gifts thrown in. but it is very sweet of kelly, carly, and ali to do this for us. riiikka will also be there to join in the fun even though she was at the first baby shower as well. the more the merrier, i guess. plus, she's never been to chili's, so i'm contributing to her quest to experience as many american restaurants as possible while she's here (riikka is a student from finland who is getting her masters degree here, so she'll be in the states for about two years).

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