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Friday, November 16, 2007

Kind of Over This Whole Pregnancy Thing

so today was a pretty laid-back day for me. i had a doctor's appointment this morning, and i was planning to work at DISL for a few hours afterwards, but i didn't get out of there until almost 12:30, so i didn't think it was worth the drive down to the island. what did i do instead? i shopped.

actually, i went shopping at target this morning, too. i bought a bunch of baby stuff, and some other random things. then i went to the doctor, and my blood pressure is pretty much just nuts. it's all over the place. today it was 128/92. so my systolic pressure is pretty much fine but now the diastolic pressure is high. geez. but all else still appears ok, so dr. g. isn't too worried about it. i have, however, gained a LOT of weight over the past 2.5 weeks. i knew that before i went and got weighed. i could feel it. i have gained 6 pounds since my last appointment. wow. that puts my total weight gain so far at 21 lbs, which is still at the low end of what all the baby books say i should have gained by now (your pregnancy week by week says that my total weight gain so far should be 21-27 lbs. - i've been running a bit lower than their recommended weight gain, so i guess i just caught up).

with an extra 21 lbs. riding on a short girl (and with additional pounds accumulating every day), i am really starting to feel... uncomfortable. all the extra weight right in front is making my back hurt, and those extra pounds are just making life difficult in general. so i'm pretty much over this whole pregnancy thing. i'm ready for the bundle of pooping, screaming joy that is the end point of all this.

anyway, after my doctor's appointment, i ate some lunch and hit up babies r us for some of those not-necessities i mentioned a few days ago. this time, they had all the letters in 'max' (the first time i looked, there was no x, and katy said when she looked there was no m), and they were far less expensive than the $7.99 letters they had before. these were only $4.99. yay! i also bought a few items of clearance baby clothing. i really enjoy baby shopping. i think chad kind of hates it. but i really love it. if we didn't already have pretty much everything we need, i could spend SO much money. but i'm exercising some restraint (mostly because i realize that if go too crazy with the buying, we'll have no place to put anything).

once i got home i went ahead and packed my bag for the hospital and a bag for the baby. not because i think i'll need them any time soon (my due date is still 10 weeks away), but it's always a good idea to be prepared. and i'm pretty sure i got an email from that said something about packing a bag a few weeks ago. so this time i won't have to call chad and tell him everything i need and where it is... and then have to call him back 5 minutes later because i forgot about something (which is what went down when i got stuck in the hospital a few weeks ago). now he just has to grab the bag.

tomorrow, i'm off to my mom's house to celebrate her birthday and my sister's. it should be fun... and there will be cake. and presents, though not for me. i really enjoy giving presents, though. i'm excited about what i got for them.

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