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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bullet Points - Updated

  • AC in car only cost $50 to fix (a relay in the fuse box or something)
  • but it died again after 3 days
  • so i'm once again driving chad's truck everywhere
  • and we have to find time AGAIN to take my car back to the place that 'fixed' it before
  • so they can actually fix it
  • max is now pretty much amazing at rolling from his tummy to his back
  • because he's really good at pushing himself over with his legs
  • so he doesn't get stuck on his tummy anymore
  • yay!
  • we'll be starting max on solid foods next month
  • probably a week or so before his 6 month checkup (so we can tell the doc how he's doing with the solid food thing)
  • i think max will love it
  • he is very interested in watching big people eat
  • and sometimes max opens his mouth while chad and i are eating like he wants some too
  • holy crap, he'll be 5 months old on saturday
  • and he has officially outgrown the bassinet attachment on the play pen
  • my tiny baby is getting very big
  • he loves to play in his high chair

  • and he loves to make monkey faces at me

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