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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bullet Points

  • AC in car is dead
  • boo
  • taking it to the shop in a few minutes
  • been driving chad's truck
  • he just started a new job
  • and he gets to drive a work van home
  • that is a very good thing
  • since my AC is dead (well, the fan is dead, the air is cold when the vents are open and the car is moving)
  • i am never going to finish my Ph.D.
  • boo again
  • have tons of max photos on my camera
  • no time to do anything with them
  • will try to post new photos soon
  • drowning in statistics
  • too much freakin data
  • so much to do
  • not enough hours in the day
  • max is amazing
  • wish i could spend all day every day with him
  • he now moves by scooting himself along on his face
  • like, he puts his head down on the floor and pushes himself forward with his legs
  • he's having trouble rolling from his tummy to his back
  • boo
  • otherwise, he's great


Vanessa Mae said...

Ha ha! I was thinking of posting a bullet point blog entry of random stuff too. Soonish.

I am sorry about the a/c. I went 2 years in the metro without it and it was hell. I avoided driving in the middle of the day as much as I could.

But happy to read that Max is moving right along, so to speak. I miss the little guy. And you of course.

latina marie said...

yeah, it sucks being without AC. i've mostly been driving chad's truck when i take max to daycare - i worry about the little guy.

chad and i took the car to the shop earlier today, and it's already fixed. it was something simple with the fan, and it only cost us $50 to fix it. we just have to find time to go pick it up now.