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Monday, August 18, 2008

So Much Poop

OMG, who knew a baby could poop SO MUCH? i feel bad for the little guy. he's pooping again right now. i've lost count. this is either poop #6 or #7 for today. yikes. it isn't pretty. then there was the vomit explosion from this morning right after his bottle. thankfully, there hasn't been anymore vomit. just the poop. he's not eating anything. how in the world can he poop so much?


Holly said...

Have you tried pediolyte at all? (They also come in freezie form, which looks pretty good for teething, too.) If he can eat, I've heard apple sauce and/or bananas are good for the scoots.

Does he seem to mind it? Sometimes Dec poops scads, but he doesn't seem concerned. I think babies have different ideas of what constitutes diarrhea than we do.

Poor little man. Hopefully, it's just a brief thing.

Good luck!

latina marie said...

yeah, i was giving him pedialyte all morning (2-3 oz of diluted pedialyte every couple of hours). he won't drink it full strength. he makes a face and turns away.

i called his pedatrician's office, and they told me to give him pedialyte only until the afternoon, then i gave him a bottle (he only drank about 3 oz), and he managed to keep it down. he wouldn't eat anything solid at all (i tried a little rice cereal mixed with applesauce, which he usually loves), and his doctor said not even to try those for at least 24 hours. hopefully, he'll be better today.

he's pretty much had no appetite since yesterday morning. he drank that bottle like he was starving then puked it right back up. i'm told that the vomit should be over but the poop will probably be bad for the rest of the week.

max is definitely bothered by his tummy issues. since he started solids, he usually poops once every other day to once or twice a day. he pooped 8 times yesterday, and it was far far more watery than usual. as in, most of it was absorbed by the diaper, and there were a few solid bits. he's fussier than usual, and his bottom is getting quite red, despite copious amounts of desitin.

Holly said...

Hope the tyke is feeling better!