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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2009, You Suck

umm, so happy new year and whatnot. want to know how i rang (rung?) in 2009? cleaning up vomit, that's how. and then i spent new year's day trying to get the smell out of max's hair. because he threw up in his crib and wallowed in it. vomit EVERYWHERE. it was traumatic, i tell you. and i've spent every day this year cleaning up poop. so much poop. max picked up one hell of a stomach bug from daycare. and he gave it to chad. i have thus far managed, through compulsive hand-washing and hand sanitizer use and liberal spraying of lysol, to avoid this illness. knock on wood.

i foolishly believed that max was getting better when he only pooped once monday. but then he puked again. and today the excessive pooping resumed. just before bedtime tonight, max was crawling around the living room and kitchen when i smelled that smell that i have smelled too many times this year. he plopped down in the kitchen floor and then pulled up on my leg. and that's when i saw the puddle in the floor where his butt had been. and the wet spots on the back of his pants spreading out from his diaper. then he sat down again. and got more disgusting watery poop on the kitchen floor. so i cleaned max up while chad cleaned the floor. with antibacterial swiffer cleaner. and then liberally sprayed it with lysol.

so, that's been my year so far. not so great, wouldn't you agree?

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