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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

From A Recent Baby Newsletter...

i receive weekly baby-related emails from several sources, and one this week from was entitled "keeping your toddler active." clicking the link to continue reading the article led to a page with the heading, "are you raising a mini couch potato?" ha! i wish!

the article gave tips for getting your baby to keep moving instead of engaging in still, quiet play activities. tips included things like turning off the tv so your baby won't be tempted to sit still and watch, moving toys up onto tables and couches to encourage cruising (our coffee table is currently dedicated to max's toys already), and crawling around on the floor with your baby for a game of chase.

once again, i said "ha!" and laughed out loud. because the max? needs NO encouragement to be active. i actually wish he would sit still and watch sesame street for 15 minutes every now and then. he pretty much ignores the tv. he might glance up at it for about 10 seconds, then he's on to something else. he is a bundle of constant motion. he even bounces when he's being held most of the time. he does enjoy a good game of chase the max around the island in the kitchen, but for the most part he is VERY active all on his own, crawling wherever he can get to, pulling up on everything, cruising around, and one of his new favorite games involves throwing toys and chasing them (he throws something and then goes to get it and throws it again). he has the patience for about two or three VERY short baby books (2-5 minutes of reading), and then he's squirming to get down and go again. he thinks he wants to be held a lot, but he never just lets you hold him for long.

couch potato? i think not.

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Holly said...

I hear you. They should give more tips on how to interest our little whirlwinds in quiet activities. Declan can sit relatively still and listen to a story while nursing, but even then he tries to grab the pages and squirm. The only time he is really still is when he sleeps - and even then, he's kind of a tosser.

No couch potato here, either.