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Friday, March 13, 2009

Just a Quick Note

mmkay, i have a really long and busy day planned, so i'll just hit the high points of what i want to tell you here.
  • i think max's hives might finally be gone! so yay! and keep your fingers crossed.
  • frank is getting married TOMORROW. which means i have to buy a wedding gift TODAY.
  • i am waging war on the dust mites in my house. and by God, i am going to WIN.
  • maybe i should have said this first, but i took max back to the allergist yesterday, and she pretty much figures the hives were indeed caused by amoxicillin. and also, max is allergic to dust mites, thus the war waging. but dust mites probably didn't trigger the hives, just his many runny noses (which can lead to ear infections, boo!). so in the future we should avoid penicillin-based antibiotics at all costs. because i can't deal with another month-long war with hives.
  • the weather this weekend is supposed to be gross. i.e., rainy and stormy and possibly lightning-filled.
  • ...which means that i need to do my grocery shopping TODAY instead of saturday morning like usual. plus, there's frank's wedding saturday afternoon in atmore.
  • i have to take max for more blood work sometime today because i refused to do that and allergy tests all in one day (remember how we have to repeat the thyroid test b/c his antithyroid antibodies were elevated 2 weeks ago?). as it turns out, though, the allergy tests weren't so bad, and i think max rather enjoyed running around shirtless in the doctor's office for 20 minutes. plus, i put his sunglasses on him, and all the nurses came in to ooh and ahh over his irresistable cuteness. he obliged them with big grins and lots of baby jibberish.
and that's the day ahead of me. i must be off now.

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