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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh, the HEAT

Been a while since I posted, so here's what's been going on here since the Max busted his head open.
  • It hasn't rained for THREE WEEKS, and it is HOT. As in record-breaking heat. Hottest my backyard has been in the past week: 107 degrees. It's been over 102 every single day for a week and a half. Officially, temps in Mobile have been 100-101. Holy crap, that's hot for June.
  • Yesterday our air conditioner up and died. While we are experiencing record-breaking heat.
  • Seeing my in-laws 4 days in three weeks is TOO MUCH. I need a break.
  • I shouldn't complain, though, since one of those times was helping move our new (to us) dining room furniture. And another time was them bringing a second little window air conditioner for our bedroom when our central air died yesterday. We have one window unit in the kitchen in case of hurricanes.
  • But I can't help it. I cannot stand the constant negative comments pertaining to Max not talking or still wanting a pacifier or the implications that Chad and I are getting this parenting thing all wrong. You don't go to someone's house and make snide remarks to their child or ask him questions like, "Mommy made you mad?" or "Daddy didn't do that right?" followed by something that may as well be, "I can do it better." Just thinking about it gets me all worked up.
  • So what if I piss my toddler off when I take away his riding toy because he refuses to sit down on it? What is the alternative? Let him have his way and stand up on it so he can bust his head open again? What's better? A couple of minutes of full on, pissed off, red faced screaming? Or the consequences of him falling off and getting hurt? I'm the parent for a reason. I know better than Max does when it comes to that sort of thing.
  • I can't stop baking. Apparently, it's my new favorite hobby. A couple of days ago I made oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies, and they are awesome. Max gets mad at me when I only let him eat one. Today I made some banana muffins, and they are pretty much the best muffins ever. We'll see if Max, who has never liked muffins, will eat one.
  • I'm almost finished with my cardigan! I'm working on the last piece, and hopefully it won't be long before I have a finished product to show you.
  • I really need to stop reading blogs by crafty people. They always make me want to take on new and exciting hobbies that I have no time for. Like sewing. I have never used a sewing machine, ever. But suddenly I find myself wanting to give it a try. I mean, it doesn't *seem* like it would be that difficult. But I'm sure it's more involved than I am envisioning.
I'm sure there's more, but you probably don't want all the details. So now I'll go back to editing my graphs and waiting for the AC repairman.


Holly said...

Declan gets so irritable in the humidity - he also makes no attempts to do certain things I know he would normally just fix himself. He just whines for help. I.e. getting a toy unstuck out of another toy, etc.

Can't wait for fall!

Holly said...

Also, does Max get this problem - Dec gets the poops when it's humid out. It took me a while to figure out the trend, but it's like clockwork. Very odd.

latina marie said...

No, Max doesn't seem to have that problem. Then again, it's pretty much *always* really humid here. Even when it didn't rain for three weeks our humidity was still over 80%.

His face gets really rashy when he spends a lot of time outside when it's hot/humid, though. That's an eczema issue, though.