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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Not Procrastinating This Time

i haven't begun to study for my plant physiological ecology exam tomorrow, but this time it's not due to sheer procrastination. i actually have a valid excuse this time. i am terribly ill, and yesterday i even tried to study a little while i was waiting to be diagnosed at the doctor's office (but to no avail - nothing is sinking in, and my brain is a little swimmy). now, i generally hate doctors (the M.D. kind), and i won't go unless there is a dire need. i think that a 103 degree fever (that drops to 100-101 with tylenol), horrible cough that keeps getting worse, and a sore throat that no over the counter medicine can kill and keeps me from sleeping warrant a visit to the evil M.D. so i went, and his exact words were "i don't think you have pneumonia." he doesn't think? damn, i hope i don't have pneumonia. he thinks i have a pretty severe case of bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection. so, he gave me this crazy strong antibiotic that makes me feel like i'm gonna blow some serious chunks (if i'd eaten real food in the last three days, i would have, anyway - as it is, it probably would have just been colorful liquid), something to kill the pain in my throat, and something to make me stop coughing... and he said i should keep taking OTC decongestants. i swear, i'm popping so many pills i can barely keep them straight. the good news is, i actually do feel a little better today, but my back still hurts like hell (a result of all the crap in my lungs), my throat still hurts a little (despite the darvocet), and now that i can actually sleep, it's all i want to do. i am seriously considering calling dr. major and asking if i can take the exam friday instead of tomorrow. she already knows i went to the doc yesterday, and she knows me. i don't just bail on class and miss exams because i have a little cold (not since undergrad, anyway). plus, i think that as soon as she hears my croaky voice, she'll know i'm seriously sick. ok, dudes. i'm going back to sleep. g'night.


Vanessa Mae said...

I know how you feel, I was under the weather a couple of weeks ago and this past weekend, sharing a drink with Carla proved to be a mistake as I nearly lost my voice to whatever she gave me. I feel better though, and I sound close to normal. I hope you feel better soon.

Jamie said...

Hey, I send you good vibes to feeling better. I haven't been all that well myself, hence the silence online. But my health, my home life, and my job world are ALL getting better. So, since I am finally having some good luck and am feeling better, I send some of that down to you. I hope you get better soon. :D