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Monday, February 20, 2006

So Proud...

dudes! my boy antero niittymaki is kicking ass in the olympics! i'm so proud. first, he gets a shut out in his first ever olympic hockey game against switzerland (while carolina's martin gerber got lit up), then he shut out the canadians. wow. switzerland kind of sucks (though they did manage to beat both the czech republic and canada... but got shut out by finland), but that whole beating canada thing had to be a proud moment for him. finland has a really good team. there's been all this talk about canada, russia, and the czechs, and here are slovakia and finland beating everyone. surprised much? sadly, the U.S. men are sucking (and the women's team has disappointed as well - i blame the men's suckage on the ever-present derian hatcher), so nitty's success gives me something to cheer about. unfortunately i only got to see him play against switzerland, but hopefully i'll catch the next one.

before i have to run off to class, i'll leave you with a link to TSN's olympic hockey coverage which kicks NBC's coverage's ass.

now, i had much more to say about many olympic events (including the one that involves "making your body do something that your brain tells you is suicide"), but i don't have time right now. i was just so excited to learn of niittymaki's latest shut out victory that i just couldn't wait to share it.

anyway, i'll probably write another entry about the olympics this afternoon, so stay tuned!

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