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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Everybody Loves LaTina

wow. no posts for 12 days, and now i manage two in one day. i'm having fun here in maine, despite being chilly (really chilly at night) and despite having a guy pick me up and jump into 60 degree water with me (fully clothed - that was saturday night, and those clothes still aren't dry). i've met lots of cool people (plus that one ass, whom i think i've pissed off because he's stopped talking to me when he sees me). i've given most of them nicknames. that was mainly to help me remember their names. i'm also pretty sure i've told all of them what i call them. here are some:

serious tim, canadian ben, boston college mike, other mike, captain jack (he left a couple of days after we got here, but he was fun), marco (that's anthony, and i didn't give him that nickname, some lobsterman did), cautious eric, and son of a bitch cameron. there are a couple of other guys who don't have nicknames, 'cause they don't really hang out with us that much. their names are jon and randy. jon helped nicole and cautious eric pull me out of the water after son of a bitch cameron chucked me in. oh, and then there's nate. he taught me to salsa, but i don't really remember how. then he tried to teach me and anthony to salsa together, but that didn't work so well, since neither of us really knew what we were doing.

anyway, all of those guys except for cautious eric know their nicknames. i told serious tim his the other night in the bathroom. yeah, in the men's bathroom. it was ok, 'cause boston college mike took me in there. see, kelly was shaving canadian ben. she was drunk, and so was he. i don't know why he let her do that, but it was funny. anyway, i basically followed serious tim around the bathroom while he was trying to brush his teeth and take out his contacts, and my mouth did not stop running. it must not have bothered him, though, because he joined the party for a little while.

so, i've probably been drinking a tad too much on this trip, but my sea lab friends are a partying bunch. last night we took a break. but everybody loves drunk latina. i'm funny when i'm drunk. i say classic things like, "do you mind being quiet, 'cause we're trying to drink out here?" and "if i fall in the fire you can touch me in inappropriate places." there's a story behind that, but i'll save it for later. right now i'm going to see when dinner will be ready.


Deva said...

We need a girls night out on the town when you get back. We need to take you see JONNY!!! I glad your having fun ... hope to see you when your get back.

Vanessa Mae said...

Yes, I have never been around you when you were drunk... EVER. I think I need to treat you to a diesel fuel or two.

Miss ya! Glad you're having a great time in the Land of the Lobsters.