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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Stupid Terrorists

so i guess i lied. that last one wasn't my last post before i leave for maine. i was just checking out the weather for the next 10 days in the small town of walpole, maine, where the darling marine center is located (that's where i'm going, in case you didn't catch that). you know, to plan my wardrobe and all. and dude! it's, like, cold there for summer! highs in the mid-70's, lows in the 50's and 60's. holy crap. combine that with 58 degree water, and that doesn't make for a happy latina. at least we're going in summer and not later in the fall. i'd really freeze my ass off then. their high temperatures are what i'm used to for the overnight lows way down here in the south in august. that's like april and late october weather for us. i'm defitnitely going to minimize the time that i spend actually being in that freezing ass water up there. it's only 30 degrees colder than the water i've been in all summer*. that's not that big a difference, right?

anyway, i'm a tad bit peeved at the stupid terrorists (but i'm glad their evil plot was foiled) who made liquids in my carry-on bag a no no. i can't take toothpaste? or eye drops? what the hell, man? i'll eat some toothpaste in front of you and squeeze some drops in my eyes to prove it's legit. i swear. but at least they haven't banned carry-on luggage all together like they did in the UK. and here i was checking to make sure i'm allowed to take a disposable razor in my carry-on (which i am). but now, it doesn't matter, since my shampoo and conditioner aren't allowed. i guess it will all just have to go in the suitcase that i check.

i'm the teeniest bit nervous about flying now. i hope that no one has anything against atlanta or portland... or memphis or amsterdam or madrid. those are all the airports i'll be visiting in the next month. yikes. i'll have lots of reassuring phone calls to make once i get to maine and spain and back home. oh, and i also hope that no one has the urge to blow up any spanish trains. that would suck.

ok, enough freaking myself out about flying. it'll be fine.

*that was sarcasm, folks.

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