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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


hello from maine, everyone. i just have time for a quick update, since i'm about to go walk some trails with my roomie for this trip, nicole. here's the quick version of what the last week and a half have been like:

set up experiments, drank more than we should have (only 3 sober nights since we arrived), hanging out with the boys from the darling marine center ('cause their girls think we're bitches), trying to get a ride to the airport thursday. i met a nice boy named anthony who doesn't try to take advantage of me when i'm drunk. he gives me lots of water when he thinks i've had enough. his roommate cameron is a bitch. they all went pier jumping one night (in the freezing cold water), and i refused 'cause it is fucking cold here. so, anthony gave me his wallet to hold while he went in the water, and then cameron snuck up behind me, picked me up like a baby, and jumped in the water with me. once again, it was fucking cold. i could have killed him. i called him a son of a bitch, like, twenty times, and for some reason that inspired him to hug me, but not to apologize. because the SOB is not sorry. he thought it was funny. anthony gave me dry clothes after that (because our cabins are about half a mile from the water, and their dorms are right there). i like anthony. he is a nice boy (which i swear i've told him at least 50 times). because i repeat myself a lot when i'm drunk.

ok, nicole is here now, so i'm going to run. ciao!

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