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Thursday, January 18, 2007


again, this will be the briefest of posts. i just felt an urgent need to share my excitement with the internet. i just got an email from dr. v. about a paper that is the process of being published... and they cited me! my one published journal article got cited! by people from spain! i went there! and their results, they validate the whole purpose of my dissertation! so i'm not stupid! and my entire ph.d. project is not useless! so that means that no one will come along in ten years and completely invalidate four years of my life! yay me!


Deva said...


Vanessa Mae said...

We don't need validation... We already knew you're bloody brilliant. :-D

Mazel tov!

Deva said...

I will second that!!!

Holly said...

This is wonderful news. You must feel great about it. Enjoy it!!