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Friday, March 09, 2007

Fuck You, Biron!

that's what some guy in our section shouted at the end of the flyers game last night. because the loss was all his fault. i've never seen this before, but he scored on himself. can you believe that? has anyone else ever seen a goalie score in his own net? i can now say that i have. and it was martin biron in philadelphia on march 8, 2007. and to make matters worse, that turned out to be the game winning goal for florida. wtf?

so, other than scoring on himself, biron and the rest of the flyers played a pretty good game. it was entertaining, though the loss was sad. some fans got in a fight in the stands (2nd time i've seen that at a flyers game, though the first time was in atlanta), and r.j. umberger prevented florida from scoring the game-winner on their own (the puck was on the goal line behind biron when umberger swooped in and pushed it back underneath the goalie). chad and i were amused at the intro before the game. when they were announcing florida's starting lineup, the fans shouted "sucks!" after every player's name. that was pretty funny. then at the end when joni pitkanen was skating the puck into the florida end with about 10 seconds left, we were amazed at hearing about 15,000 people all shouting "shoot, goddammit!" in unison. so the game wouldn't have been so bad if biron hadn't scored that goal for florida.

i took hundreds of pictures in philly, and i'll try to post some later. no time at the moment.

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