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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Busiest Weekend Since the Pilots' Season Ended

so this might seem kind of sad and finally reveal to the entire world that my life really is as boring as it seems, but this past weekend was the busiest weekend i've had since the ice pilots' season ended a few weeks ago. chad and i usually just bum around the house and watch movies or something (last weekend, the 'or something' was painting baseboards), but this past weekend two events collided and kept us busy. i know, we actually went out in mobile. where we live. our going out usually involves a drive over to pensacola, so this is really rare, folks.

remember how i told you about hamelin, the band that two of chad's coworkers are members of? well, they played at the blue gill (a restaurant on mobile bay, for those who don't know the area) saturday night, and chad wanted to go. so we went. and they were good. they played a bunch of '90s covers, which chad was excited about, and they interspersed some of their songs in the mix, too. there were also a couple of covers that weren't from the '90s (jet's "are you gonna be my girl" and coldplay's "yellow"), which was ok, since i like the songs they chose. and while i still dont' think their original music sounds at all like either coldplay or the black crowes, i can sort of see now why they said they were like those two bands. they played some coldplay and some black crowes, and sounded surprisingly like a reproduction of the originals. i don't know how, but they did. they also played sublime's "what i got", and when it came time for him to sing "i can play the guitar like a mf-ing riot" ross said "sorry guys, my mom's here" instead. which was funny. and at the end of the song, he looked over at his mom and said, "and my mom doesn't smoke pot." which wasn't as funny but was still amusing.

during one of their breaks, ross (who chad works with quite a bit and who is the lead singer of hamelin) came over and talked to chad for a while and introduced us to his girlfriend, kristen. chad and i had talked about how the band was doing '90s covers, and i wanted to know if they would take requests. specifically, i wanted to know if they could play "buddy holly." i don't know what my recent obsession with that song is all about, but i always want to hear it. so during a lull in the conversation (which i might have created) i asked ross if they knew buddy holly. after confirming that i meant the weezer song and not songs by the actual buddy holly, ross sadly (i imagine) informed me that no, they do not know "buddy holly." but he said he wished he did. those of you who know me shouldn't be surprised that my quick reply was, "well, you should learn it!" and if they learn it, it will of course be dedicated to yours truly (an idea that you might be surprised to learn i did NOT put in ross's head. that was all his. even though i'm sure he was just feeding my ego, which you should know is considerable). so they may or may not bother learning "buddy holly" to appease the wife of the boss of half the band.

i also met the drummer, jonathan. he didn't talk a heck of a lot, but he was pretty wrapped up with his little girl (she's so cute!) most of the night. so it was cool.

i didn't meet anymore band members because chad doesn't know the other two.

also, i tossed out the idea (to chad) that we should get hamelin to play at our high school reunion, seeing as how they do so many '90s covers (and we went to high school in the '90s). he then pointed out that their high school reunions will be going on at the same time, since we all graduated in 2000. oh well. it was an idea.

so that was saturday night. sunday night, we went to wings for katy's birthday (which was yesterday). we had originally planned to go back to katy's house afterward for cake, but then i realized that we still had a ton of laundry to do, so we just went home after wings. while at wings, we played their trivia game thingy, at which i sucked. particularly when the topic turned to sports. the only question i could answer without the clues was "which nhl goalie was suspended for 5 games during the 2007 stanley cup playoffs?" the answer to which is of course jamie mclennan. he had just entered the game to give miikka kiprusoff a break (since the game was lost anyway, no sense letting kiprusoff risk injury), and he took his stick and swung it like a baseball bat right into johan franzen's midsection. it was pretty vicious. so kiprusoff had to come right back in, defeating the purpose of giving mclennan some playing time.

so that's pretty much it. now imagine what my weekends are like without this kind of stimulation. boring, you think? maybe, but also kind of relaxing after spending so much time at the lab (USA or DISL).

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