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Friday, February 02, 2007

Music Promo

yo! whaddup? (trying out a new greeting there. it doesn't really scream 'latina' does it? oh well). i know i've mentioned to a few of you the crazy awesome local band i've been listening to a lot lately, but i feel that i need to spread the word a little more widely (you know, like internationally!). so here i am.

chad works with these guys, and two of them are in this band (with two other guys that chad doesn't work with, but one of whom is from brewton, talk about a small world). and they DON'T SUCK! i know! chad's random co-workers are actually TALENTED! anyway, they've been telling chad bits about their band (i believe they called themselves a cross between coldplay and the black crowes, talk about two incompatible groups), and finally one of them gave him a cd. which of course i usurped, 'cause it's what i do. and you know, i'm far more into music these days than chad is. and you know, he mostly got the disc for me anyway, since i was all like, "hey, i'd really like to hear them. you should get a cd."

anyway, the band is hamelin, and i was pleasantly surprised at the quality of their music. you can listen to all of the tracks and order their cd at cdbaby. you can also listen to four of their songs through their myspace page. unfortunately, my favorite song on the album (small world, the last track) is not available on their myspace page. there's just something about one line in that song in particular that gets me:
my lullabyes, your alibis, your shining selfish pirate eyes, you messed up everything
oh, and this one, too (also from 'small world'):
i'm in love with a girl who was never born, just deceptions and perceptions spooned down my throat for years
personally, i think they sound nothing like either coldplay OR the black crowes. if you asked me, i would tell you that hamelin is what would come out if you took seether, staind, and lifehouse, threw them in a blender and added just a dash of 3 doors down. they might not give a very accurate description of their sound, but i guess that's ok, considering that they do have a good one.

now, run off and listen to hamelin. and if they sound familiar, that's because they got some radio play on tk101 in pensacola around springfest time last year. the song 'job' is the one they played on our local radio stations. they also get a lot of radio play in georgia. 'whispers' is the one that gets played over that way, i think. what are you waiting for? run off and enjoy la musica!

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