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Sunday, February 04, 2007

If There Were Ever a Game I Should Have Tivo-ed...

i should learn that if there is ever a flyers game that i can't watch and it is against altanta, i should ALWAYS tivo it. i did not tivo the game last night (the game i couldn't watch since i was in pcola watching the ice pilots pull out a win over charlotte - i'm as surprised as you are), and i am very disappointed that i didn't. it was a good one, it seems. and if there was ever a flyers game i should have gone to, it was that one. in atlanta. i saw them in atlanta last year, and it was good. this year i'm gonna see them in philadelphia. and it will probably be bad. they've won, what? three home games this season? at least i'll get to lick the liberty bell.

anyway, i would have been super amused at the flyers game. esche was pulled after the first 7 minutes (after allowing one goal), and niittymaki kicked ass the rest of the game. hasn't john steven learned by now? always start nitty against the thrashers! ok, ok. esche wasn't really pulled. he strained his neck, but still.

oh, and glen metropolit got an assist! which is ok since the flyers won. yay for metro! the picture i took with him and sean gauthier when i was 14 is on the wall in my office.

oh, and the flyers mananged a 3rd period comeback! for the first time all year! they were down 2-1 heading into the 3rd, and they won 5-2. kari lehtonen should be ashamed of himself.

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