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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bummin' Around

so, this week has really been anti-productive for me. i had the best intentions, i swear. but i finished up all that hella-intensive HPLC work last week, and i planned on doing more nerdy lab stuff this week, but i ran out of ground samples. which meant i had to grind up some more. which requires liquid nitrogen. but we're out. so i can't grind samples, which means i can't really do anything at all. so i'm a bum this week.

well, the liquid nitrogen was refilled today, but as kelly and i found out last time we got a refill, you have to wait a day to allow the tank to pressurize before you can get any liquid nitrogen out once it's been filled. so i can't do any real work until tomorrow. so i started a myspace page. i know, but i was bored.

i've pretty much spent the day playing the stalker on myspace. i'm not usually one to go around looking for hockey players on there like a weirdo (today is actually the only time i've ever even looked at a myspace profile), but i stumbled across a couple today unintentionally. you know, browsing through friends lists. and, oh my god, a couple of them just freakin' cracked me up. in particular, michael mole's and ben gray's. figures that the goalies would be the funny ones, right?

anyway, today seems to be the day of endless boredom around here, but at least the weather's nice.

ooh, and deva's bday is this weekend! it's gonna be fun. chick flicks, a little beach time, good food, then getting in touch with our inner slut bags when we go out drinking. my goal is getting deva so completely sloshed that she'll still be drunk on sunday. i haven't been that drunk since maine (the day that i was supposed to meet one of the profs from up there to make dry ice and after go shopping with kelly and a bunch of other people, only i stayed up drinking until about 2 am, or maybe later, i don't really remember, and i changed my mind about meeting up with kelly at 9 but forgot to tell her about it. so when she called me at 9:20 i was still asleep and we had a conversation that went a little something like this: k-"the tina, are you still asleep? it's late for you homegirl!" me-some sort of grunt, k-"the tina, are you hungover?", me-"no.", k-"the tina, are you still drunk?", me-"yeah, i think i am.").

anyway, i'm outta here. i need to clean or something to make myself feel better about the absolutely nothing i've done all day.

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Deva said...

You come over to the dark side!!!