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Monday, February 12, 2007

Drunk LaTina is Amazing!

operation get deva sloshed happened saturday night, and it was a raging success (happy birthday, dollface!). but i actually got myself far more sloshed than i got deva. seriously. i was trying to remember what all i drank saturday night, and the list goes something like this:
  • pimp juice shot
  • kamikaze shot
  • pineapple upside down drink
  • big ass flaming hurricane (thanks to deva for reminding me to blow it out)
things get a little fuzzy here, so these may or may not be in order, and i may or may not have forgotten something.
  • tequila shot
  • mai tai (pretty sure i had two of these, i didn't intend to drink the 2nd one, but i did anyway)
i'm surprised i'm not dead. there were a few waters dispersed in there, too, though so that probably helped. after i ordered the second mai tai, our friendly neighborhood bartender brendan said, "it's water for you from now on, baby girl." and i felt it absolutely imperative to tell the ENTIRE WORLD. because i was, as kelly put it, amazingly wasted. so vanessa ushered my and deva's drunk asses out of seville and back to her place, where we proceeded to send drunken emails (that was deva) and myspace/facebook messages (that was me). for which i posted disclaimers on my facebook and myspace pages, saying that i can't be held responsible for anything typed between the hours of 2:00 and 3:00-ish saturday night/sunday morning.

this morning i went back and read all the crazy shit i wrote, and died a little inside. talk about mortifying. mostly, i told a bunch of guys they're pretty. that wouldn't be so bad if i didn't do that in multiple messages to most of them. i also left kelly a couple of drunken messages, which i'm sure she loves. she appreciates that sort of thing.

anyway, deva had fun. we drank, we danced, i was amusing to all. another bartender friend of deva and vanessa's wants to be my pool boy while i act as his british/valley girl stalker. good times. and vanessa chatted up a pretty brazilian boy while deva and i amused ourselves. brazilian boy's friend was kinda skeezy. we ditched him, but he came back. like a freakin' boomerang. geez.

photographic evidence:

deva and i are having an awesome time!

deva and i love to sing to each other!

vanessa's brazilian boy is PRETTY!

but his brazilian friend is SCARY! don't we look scared? and drunk?


Deva said...

Thanks for a GREAT weekend!! Hmmm, going down your drink list ... I can't believe I still had two more drinks and I was sober before we left.

As for the last picture, yes I was scared to death he was going to bite me again. But he looks like he is having so much fun!!

Thanks again!!!

latina marie said...

yeah, dudette, i was concentrating on having him not touch me anymore. i'm not cool with strangers touching me bars - anywhere, for the most part.