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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Halfway There!

i can see that this is rapidly morphing into a pregnancy/baby blog, but oh well. that's pretty much the biggest thing in my life right now (understandably so, i think). well, that and putting off studying for comps (which i still need to set a date for). oh well.

i know you've all been anxiously awaiting some photo documentation of my pregnancy, and i am here to oblige. to defend myself for not posting photos sooner, i am just now reaching the point where i have any sort of baby belly. chad says it's still not much of one, and he seems pretty impatient for me to look noticeably pregnant. we'll see what you guys think.

here's a front view of me halfway through my pregnancy. as the doc said, not huge yet, but that will come soon.

and here's a side view. the pregnancy is much more obvious from this angle (umm, ignore the random piles of clothes everywhere).

as of last wednesday, i had gained a total of 7 lbs. at my next checkup that should increase to about 11 lbs. and yes, those are my regular jeans (i love those jeans with their cute butt pockets and all). however, they are not buttoned. because the buttoning has become way uncomfortable. but thanks to motherhood maternity's maternity sleeve, i no longer have to button my pants. which i pretty much love.

tomorrow marks the 20th week of the pregnancy - the halfway point! i'm excited about that. and it only took 4 1/2 months for me to look at all pregnant. oh well. hopefully the next 4 1/2 months will pass quickly (but not too quickly) and our little guy will continue to look/sound healthy and happy. one of my biggest fears right now is that something will be wrong and i won't notice. or that i'll feel some small twinge that i should call the doctor about but think it's nothing. i mean, all the pregnancy books say that little aches and pains are commonplace during pregnancy... but they also list symptoms you should call the doc about, and sometimes they seem to contradict themselves (some abdominal achiness and occasional sharp pains and increased discharge is normal, but if you have both you should call the doctor - wtf? you just said these symptoms are normal!). oh well. i've pretty much made up my mind not freak out about anything, but i ask my doc random questions like that at my regular appointments.

ok, enough baby talk for now.

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Holly said...

I do know what you mean about baby blogging - it sort of does consume all other news. Have at it - I love reading about it, but that might just be my own... ummm... growing concern.

As to showing, some women don't show until 5 months - I even knew a woman who just suddenly ballooned in the 7th! Poor Chad may just have to wait, but I know that's hard - I have a hubby myself who can't wait to walk around with the "I made that" grin of a man who has a big, fruitful wife. So cute - primitive urges!

I have yet to post any baby bump pictures, as I don't have one yet - though I certainly feel it in there (especially when I try to bend over - ugh), it just hasn't made its appearance yet.

Have you seen the pictures of Halle Berry? She is only 3 months along and looks 6! It kind of gives me a complex.

Oh well - the big part will come soon enough, I bet. And then we won't be able to wait until it's over!