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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ultrasound Photos

but not the inappropriate ones. thought you guys might finally like to see what our little max (if we don't change our minds about the name) looks like now (or what he looked like about 10 days ago).

you can clearly see that he is an actual baby and not a vaguely baby-shaped teddy graham in this round of photos. his legs are bent at the knee (so his feet are pointing down - the sonographer also took a photo of just his feet, which i didn't post), and that little blob up by his head is a tiny fist, getting ready to whale on me. the black hole looking thing in his chest is his heart, which we could see beating at a healthy 146 bpm. i kind of wish i owned a stethoscope, since the baby books say that at this point i may be able to hear his heart beat with one (as opposed to the doppler device the doctor used at my last visit - the one before the ultrasound).


Holly said...

awwwww! That little fist! Hi there, Max!

Vanessa Mae said...

He looks wonderful! Beautiful pictures. :-)