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Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's a Boy!

pretty much everybody who reads this will know that by now, but still, i thought it appropriate to let the internet in on the news. i even have a sweet ultrasound picture to prove it. but i think it's a tad inappropriate to post that particular photo, as i am not into kiddie porn (even when it features yet-to-be-born kiddies). let's just say that the ultrasound technician felt it was a good idea to zoom in on the baby's legs and print a picture complete with an arrow pointing to the relevant parts and labeled 'it's a boy!'. it really is kind of funny, but once again, i will not be sharing that one with the entire world.

actually, i'm not going to post any of the new ultrasound pics just yet, as i'm not really in the mood to scan them right now. so you'll just have to wait.

but you can rest assured that all is well with the baby (kelly is going to have to come up with a nickname other than thetinytina now that we know he's a boy). all parts and organs are present and accounted for, his heart is beating healthily, and he kicks me pretty regularly, which chad seems to find amusing. last night i got the hiccups and was holding my breath to get rid of them when chad said, "you better take a breath or you're gonna get kicked." at which point i laughed then hiccuped and had to start all over with the breath-holding.

i'm starting to reach the point at which those who know me can tell i'm pregnant by looking at me (i swear, i'll post a nice side-view photo soon), but it's still not so obvious that total strangers (or even anyone who didn't already know i was pregnant) can tell. at the doctor on wednesday, she told me to enjoy this month because it's the last one where i won't be huge. lesley (bless her) is supposed to bring me some of her old maternity clothes next week, which is really awesome of her. she's really been a big help so far, lending me stuff and answering questions and all. i've bought a few maternity items of my own so far (a few shirts, a hoodie, a couple of pairs of pants), but i just hate the thought of buying lots of clothes that i'm only going to wear for a few months. so thanks be to lesley for letting me borrow things (plus she said it's hard for short people to find maternity clothes, which i've found is really true. apparently clothing companies think that pregnancy makes your legs five miles long) and answering random questions.

chad and i are going to hit up babies-r-us tomorrow to start registering and maybe go ahead and buy a few baby things (probably stuff to decorate to his room, mostly) now that we know he's a boy. we'll probably also go ahead and register at walmart to make life easier for family members residing in the middle of nowhere without such niceties as target and babies-r-us. kelly gave us our first baby present yesterday (although i know that nessa also bought a baby present in germany - thanks, nessa) - an absolutely adorable blue sleeper with lots of sea creatures on it. i'm very excited about it, and now that i know we're having a boy, i'm getting a little impatient about things. january 25 suddenly seems very far away.

as you all probably know, we've been thinking about names for a while now, and the more i think about it, the more i like max evan. chad really wants to name him maximus (which i absolutely hate as a legal name but would be fine with as a nickname), but i think he would be ok with max. he also said that he'd be ok with maximus as a middle name. i also really like alex as a first name, but i'm not so sure about alexander maximus. max evan is so much better - and so much easier for a little guy to learn how to spell. plus, if we name him max, chad can still call him maximus as a pet name, but if we name him alex, we're going to call him alex. chad said he likes the idea of maximus as a middle name because then when the kid is in high school, he can choose to be called maximus if we wants to. i, on the other hand, am really annoyed when people suddenly decide to be called by their middle names after a decade or so of being called by their first names. so i'm leaning toward max evan, and chad says he pretty much feels the same about either name - they're ok but not as good as maximus.

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Holly said...

Congrats! I can't wait to find out what we're having - that will make picking a name so much easier when we have only one sex to focus on. We are still weak on girl names.