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Monday, June 12, 2006

Just My Luck...

i knew it. i so saw this coming. *sigh* yes, my dear friends, it has happened again. the moment i get a field experiment set up in port st. joe, along comes a soon-to-be hurricane churning up the gulf of mexico and tossing around my cages. right now alberto is still a tropical storm, but it's pretty strong and will probably strengthen to a category 1 hurricane before making landfall. the surf is very rough all the way over here in alabama, so i'm sure that it's at least this rough over in port st. joe, just north of where alberto is currently hanging out. psj is not slated to take a direct hit from alberto, but the rough surf will be enough to loosen up my cages and allow some urchins to escape. at least i put them in an area without urchins this year, so i won't have the problem i had last year (urchins getting into the cages and ruining my controls). we shall see how bad it is next tuesday when i head back over there. *fingers crossed*

alberto is not the kind of storm that i would worry about unduly under normal circumstances. it's pretty weak as far as tropical systems go and probably won't be too much of a problem. the real problem i have with alberto is the fact that it's messing up my experiment. dammit. hopefully, this will be the only storm i have to worry about this season. once again, *fingers crossed*