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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


wednesday is such a boring day of the week. smack in the middle, it is. but this wednesday has something a little bit more exciting in store for me than the average wednesday. today i'll get to hang out with vanessa and deva, which i haven't done in the longest time. see, vanessa recently moved into her very own apartment, and she is hosting a little dinner party for us (me, chad, and deva) tonight. isn't she sweet? i'm looking forward to it. we were going to watch a movie after dinner, but since carolina has a chance to win the stanley cup tonight, i'm going to change my vote to "let's watch the game." and Go Carolina! since my team was disappointingly eliminated in a pretty decisive fashion (they went down 4 games to 1) in the first round, carolina became the only team left that i felt i could root for. thus, the 'go carolina' attitude that i have adopted for the remainder of the playoffs. if only i were jamie and living in raleigh... but i'm sure that tickets would be impossible to get. but it would be sweet... the stanley cup finals live and in person. world cup? what world cup? well, chad and i actually did watch most of the second half of the england/paraguay game the other day. but only because nothing else was on.

so, what else am i up to this wednesday? well, i got a tetanus shot. it kind of stings. chad tells me it will hurt worse tomorrow (i made him get one when he cut himself pretty deep on a job site after hurricane ivan). i didn't seriously injure myself or anything. this a precautionary tetanus shot. plus, it's been 10 years since my last one, so i'm due. and i'm accident prone, and i cut myself a lot out in the field, and some of those cuts get gross and infected sometimes. and i don't want to die a slow and painful death from tetanus. thus the shot.

i also need to try to find a new way to measure the growth of my seagrasses in the field. the traditional method for doing this involves marking shoots by pricking it with a needle and then weighing all the new tissue below the pinprick after a certain amount of time. the problem is that i can't find the pin holes after i make them. so i have to find a new way to do this. which could be a problem. i intend to bring this up at our weekly lab meeting tomorrow, so maybe dr. v. will have some suggestions. i have to find a usable technique by tuesday (when i leave for psj again to sample from my experiment). wish me luck.

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