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Monday, June 26, 2006

Mission Accomplished?

so, chad and i fell in love with another house yesterday. it was not one of the houses on our list (you know, the ones we wanted to look at), but our realtor thought we would like it. and we did. the inside looks fantastic. it's practically within spitting distance of the university (but not in hillsdale, 'cause that's the ghetto and there are plans in the works to bulldoze the whole thing). the house is actually really close to the apartment we lived in before we moved to the one we live in now. i told chad yesterday that we just keep moving around in the same part of town. and we do.

anyway, we made an offer on the house yesterday, and it has officially been accepted. so we're well on our way to becoming homeowners. the house has been almost completely remodeled, so you absolutely cannot tell that it was first built in 1969. it got a new roof last year (it's metal, but at least the dark green color matches the fake shutters), and a new water heater. we talked to the seller yesterday while we were checking out the house, and he has done a ton of work on the inside - new kitchen cabinets (old cabinets transferred to laundry room), new insulation in the attic, new carpet, new marble surrounds and tile in the bathrooms (new tile throughout the whole house, really), fresh paint in the whole house, new sheetrock in the laundry room, and they're having a tree stump removed from the back yard before closing. see, a tree fell on the laundry room during katrina, so they sort of had to get a new roof and redo the sheetrock in there. on the plus side of that, all the trees that were going to fall during a hurricane have already fallen, and their stumps have been removed from the back yard. the current owner told us that the house used to be a 4 bedroom house, but he knocked out the wall between two of the bedrooms to make the master bedroom huge. he also put his and hers closets in there. like i said, the inside looks fantastic. this is what the outside looks like.

the inspector is going to inspect the place tomorrow morning, so we will definitely know exactly what we're getting into before we close. the latest date that we'll be closing is july 14. we'll probably close before that. then we're giving the sellers a few days to move out. we should have about a week to move out of our apartment at the end of july. so no paying month to month rent for us. yay! let's just hope that everything goes smoothly from here on out.

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