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Monday, July 24, 2006

Back Again

hi guys. it's been another one of those weeks where i don't have much time for blogging. i went back to port st. joe this past thursday to check on an experiment. i only killed 12 sea urchins this time (compared to the whopping 60 that were dead last time i went out), so i was excited about that. when i go back next week (for the last time this summer) chad is coming with me, so he will finally see exactly what my field work entails and learn why i always come home with so many cuts and bruises.

in other news, chad and i are planning to begin our big move on thursday. i'm going to go and paint the guest room ('cause right now it's a purple fairy room, and i'm just not that into purple fairies), probably wednesday or thursday. i'll take krull with me so he can get a feel for his new yard. he's growing pretty fast, and it's becoming obvious that he was born to be a yard dog. he's still doing ok with the not pottying inside, but he chews on everything, and he's growing like a maniac. i swear he's gained a few pounds since we brought him home a week ago. yep, he's definitely bigger. when he gets rowdy (that is, when he gets bitey), i try to take him outside and let him run off his excess energy. he doesn't, like, bite bite, just little puppy chewing. but it still kind of hurts sometimes. and he shouldn't chew on people. we tell him "no" a lot (using our "we mean business, we're not just playing with you" voices). but, he sits on command, and he fetches (sometimes, when he's in the mood for chasing), and he's really cute when he's kind of sleepy and just licks the crap out of you. he particularly likes feet. he's a big toe-licker. so if you come visit us, beware. krull the warrior king is going to lick your toes. and he might try to eat your shorts. don't let him do that. i refuse to play with him anymore when he starts trying to eat my clothes, no matter how big and pathetic those puppy dog eyes are and no matter how much he whines.

our parents were all planning on coming to help us move this weekend, but i kind of doubt that my mom is going to be able to come. see, my aunt called me last night to tell me that my mom is in the hospital with pancreatitis. yikes. she's on tons of morphine, codeine, and other assorted pain medications with a tube in her stomach. and she's not allowed to eat anything until it clears up. my aunt was supposed to call me back today when she found out how long mom would be in the hospital. i read about pancreatitis, and it seems that it usually clears up after a few days (as long as you get to a doctor before excess bile and stuff leads to an infection), but it hurts a lot while you have it. so, i might be heading over to jay hospital tomorrow to see my mommy. i was also thinking about going to pick my little sis up so she can still come this weekend and help me clean the apartment up after we move and then help me reupholster the couch. sammi (my li'l sis) is currently staying with my granny. i'll call her in a little while and see how things are going over there.

that's about it from latina land. i'll try to post again in a couple of days. adios!


Deva said...
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Deva said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she gets to feeling better. I was in your neck of the world today ... well good luck this weekend!!!