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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Officially Homeowners

chad and i are now officially homeowners. we closed on the house yesterday, and everything went smoothly. it took forever, but it went smoothly. yay! no more papers to sign and initial! we signed or initialed every page in a stack no less than an inch thick. some of the ones from the mortgage company, i would swear we'd signed before. but oh well. all the paperwork is done... and our first mortgage payment isn't due until september 1st. so we're basically getting away without having to pay either rent or a house payment for august. sweet.

we did get keys (but not all of them) yesterday at closing (the rest of them will be left in the house when the current residents finish moving). but the folks who live there now don't close on their new house until next friday, so we won't be able to move in until the week after that. our parents are coming down the 29th to help us move all our big stuff, and my mom and sister will probably stay that night and help us get the apartment spic and span, and then my mom is going to help me reupholster the couch. that will be, like, the busiest weekend ever.

so, the weekend after that is my birthday, but maybe i'll invite some of you peeps over to see the new house then anyway (and celebrate the fabulousness of latina?). or perhaps we will do a weekday dinner party like nessa. we shall see. i'll let you guys (you know who you are) know once we get settled.

for now, it's off to spend the weekend with the 'rents. we haven't seen them in a while (or, i haven't seen my people in a while. we just saw chad's people on the 4th of july). then, the next time we see them, we'll be using them as labor. but they won't mind.

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