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Monday, July 17, 2006

Meet Our Puppy

it's a little sooner than we'd planned, but chad and i now have a puppy. one of his parents' neighbors' dogs had puppies with the bull mastiff that chad's parents somehow adopted from the same neighbors (they fed him, and he hung around), and the puppies aren't being very well taken care of. the puppies are about two months old now, and the owners aren't really feeding them or anything. so chad decided to go ahead and "rescue [the one he wanted] from those pitiful conditions." so one came back to mobile with us. to live in our apartment for about two weeks. until we move and he can live in the back yard. he's a boy, and we named him krull. as in krull the warrior king. from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. it makes me laugh.

anyway, he's pretty good at the whole living inside thing. you know, for a dog who has been outside his whole short life. he sleeps a lot. right now he's zonked out on the couch. don't worry, he can wallow on that one all he wants, since i'm about to reupholster it anyway. isn't he cute?

i left for a couple of hours eariler, and he managed not to potty anywhere in the apartment, so that's pretty good. he whines at the door when he needs to go. we tried to barricade him in the kitchen, but he's pretty crafty. so we just moved everything out of the living room that we didn't want him chewing on and closed the bedroom door so krull can only go in the living room, dining area, and kitchen. i didn't think he could get up on the couch, but when i came home from the lab a little while ago he was sitting on it, wagging his tail at me.

i was worried that he'd go nuts and bark his head off while no one was home (while he's awake, he pretty much insists on being in the same room with us), but he seems to be doing pretty well. hangin' out, sleeping, chewing on some rawhide bones and toys.

and that, my friends, is our vicious guard dog.


Deva said...

What a GREAT NAME!!!! He is so cute ...

Vanessa Mae said...

Yes, I knew I had heard that name before... and I believe Andie ended up naming their dog that too.

Congrats on getting the new house, and the new puppy! Gosh, I have so much to see the next time I come visit you.

Casey said...

he is so so so adorable! I love puppies!