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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Damn Sea Wolf

so i am right in the middle of writing a post about my bizarre dreams, but chad just called me and i couldn't wait to share. he couldn't wait to share either, apparently. it's good stuff. he called to tell me that he just met a former mobile mystick. wait for it... chuck thuss. i was all like, "dude, i totally remeber him!" and then i was like, "i remember thinking 'what kind of hockey player name is chuck?'" you know why i rememeber him? 'cause back when he played hockey i saw a bunch of games against mobile... and the damn sea wolves, who he also played for. check him out. i sort of had to rememeber him, 'cause he was a freakin' goalie. goalies stick with you, man. c'mon if i remember him, someone else out there has to (*cough* nessa).

anyway, chad's new friend chuck liked mobile so much he moved here, i guess. i mean, i don't really like mobile, but to each his own. it's better than canada, i bet. weather-wise anyway. so, chuck thuss owns a sports supply store here in mobile that sells lots of hockey stuff. chad tells me it's really cool, and i told him that we have to go there. he agreed. and chuck thuss has promised to find chad the rare and elusive mobile myticks jersey he's been looking for since last year. he doesn't think he has any in the store, 'cause he thinks he took 'em all home. so chad might finally get his jersey. i say 'might' because former mayor mike dow (who now works at the same company as chad) promised to find him a mysticks jersey last year and failed to come through.

but anyway, chad met a former mystick (who has been signed as mississippi's emergency backup goalie over the last few years, you know, before katrina wiped them out). isn't that cool?


Vanessa Mae said...

But of course I remember Chuck Thuss! I remember him as both the Mobile and Mississippi goalie. In fact, I took PICTURES of him playing for Mississippi (some of my best...check out my picture of him and JF Aube in my Yahoo photos album). Wow! That was way back in the day. And who can forget the pretty awesome picture of Chuckie (from Child's Play) painted on his helmet?

He has had that hockey store for a long time... Southern Sports Supply I believe is the name. He even advertised with the Ice Pilots a couple of times, if I'm not mistaken. I hope that Chuckie does find a Mysticks jersey for Chad.

latina marie said...

yeah, technically he's owned the store for a while (they supply the pucks for the echl), but it's been in MS. he just moved it to mobile, and it's not officially open yet. he's supposed to call chad and let him know when it's ready to open up here.

he showed chad his helmet after i told chad who he was. he left it in the coliseum during katrina, and it's still covered in mud.

why didn't the pilots get HIM as emergency backup last year?