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Thursday, November 30, 2006

How Bizarre

today is one of those rare days when i wake up and remember my dreams in vivid detail. but i sort of wish i didn't. because they were bizarre, man. i either had two weird and unconnected dreams or one singularly peculiar and somewhat frightening dream. the first one was more relevant to my actual life than the second but wasn't as cohesive.

Part I (Dream I?):
i only remember bits of this one that don't really seem to make much sense, so it might be a tad hard to follow. at the beginning, or the first thing i remember anyway, i was on a boat with kate (DISL chick that went to maine and spain and took the motorboat operator's certification course with me). there may or may not have been an unidentified boy on board with us. i don't really know why we were on the boat, but we were in pretty shallow water and in the middle of nowhere. but there was a small, marshy island that for some reason reminded me of return to the blue lagoon. that in itself was odd because i had the distinct impression that we were somewhere close to dauphin island... and there is definitely no water that clear anywhere close to DISL. but at the same time the general landscape reminded me of maine.

but anyway. one second we were on the boat and the next we were on this deserted little island being chased by someone who wanted to do us bodily harm. and there was a boy there. it was kyle from that show on usa, the 4400, and he was wearing this huge black life jacket that looked like those bullet proof vest thingies worn by the SWAT team. but it was definitely a life jacket. so, the three of us climed into this shallow pool and were hiding underneath a ledge and some unidentified voice was making vague threats and slowly approaching our hiding place. then the owner of the voice was standing on top of the ledge we were hiding under, and suddenly there was a small opening in the rock behind the threatening person. so kate and i climed up through the hole and ran like hell, but kyle from the 4400 with his ridiculously huge life jacket couldn't fit. so kate and i were running (back to the boat, presumably, but i don't really know) when kyle and his giant SWAT vest/life jacket suddenly appeared beside me.

and that's all i remember.

Part II is a little more disturbing and a lot more graphic.
here the first thing i remember is walking to some sort of huge outdoor party, a la the town gatherings on gilmore girls. but this time i wasn't myself. i was that guy rick from 24 Season 1. you know, that guy who helped kidnap jack's daughter and then felt bad about it. this could be because chad and i just watched an episode of that show before bed.

anyway, i was walking to this party when a group of girls (presumably my friends) stopped by in a jeep and picked me up. when we arrived at the party, there were tons of animals there, and i was really confused. the setting sort of looked like a huge, old university campus. there was tons of grass (a lawn, i guess), some trees, and lots of old brick buildings. but everyone was outside, and there were all these animals. which were very attracted to me. and not in a good way. all these dogs and cats and birds started attacking me, and i was fighting them off but getting pretty scatched up in the process. then there was this black panther that came running at me, and i fought it off (apparently rick from 24 is like superman).

then things changed a little, and the animals were magically gone. and all the people were gone, too. but for some reason i was hiding in a closet. then i felt that something (one of the crazed animals, perhaps) was hunting for me. so i snuck out of the closet and was crawling around the outside of a building when i came up on another building that looked like a tropical resort. it was all lit up outside, with an oddly shaped pool and lots of palm trees. then i heard this pained groan and half a guy fell out of a tree on top of me. it was really disgusting. his insides were all oozing out and stuff. then this crazed maniac ran out of the resort-ish building, chasing me. i grabbed a fake plant out of the pool that for some reason had a heavy concrete base (you know, so i could use it as a weapon) and made a run for it. i climbed up one of the trees in the old university-ish place, hoping the maniac wouldn't see me ('cause it was dark in this dream, did i mention that?). but he did. and he had a weapon - something huge and sharp and scary, but i don't remember exactly what it was. he tried to climb up the tree, but i was way up at the top in the flimsy part (something i would never actually do, being terrified of heights), and i started moving around and shaking the tree so that he fell out. but the top of the tree bent way down, almost to the ground, and he was almost able to reach me with his unidentified sharp scary thing that could hurt me bad. and then the maniac climed onto the roof of a building next to the tree and was jumping into the tree with me when i woke up.

see? bizarre.

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