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Friday, November 03, 2006

Cute Optometrists: Way Less Weird Than Cute OB/GYNs

what is with all my doctors getting switched around on me this year? first my gyencologist, now my optometrist. last year (and the couple of years prior to that) i had this really bitchy female optometrist whom i wasn't at all fond of. this year, i get a young hot guy. when i first saw him, i was reminded of the hot gynecologist to whom i exposed all my most intimate parts a few months ago. thankfully, i was fully clothed (more heavily clothed than usual, actually, since it was freakin' freezing this morning - well, it was 42 degrees, close enough) this time instead of stark naked under a flimsy hospital gown. and it's a hell of a lot less intimidating to have a cute boy looking deep into your eyes than to have one poking around your nether regions. well, perhaps not looking deep into your eyes. more like scrutinizing the surface of your cornea. but still.

obviously, i had my yearly eye exam today. it went well. for the first time since i first got my contacts five years ago, my vision has not gotten worse since my last exam. yay! and the guy wasn't bitchy and didn't yell at me for sleeping in my contact lenses... maybe because i stopped doing it after the bitchy lady chastised me for it. anyway... the verdict: my eyes look very healthy. the cute optometrist said so. and now i have a fresh supply of contacts, which was the reason for the visit in the first place. i went digging around my bathroom the other day, looking for a new box, and i discovered that i ran out. it's a good thing i had today free to make an appointment, because i'm heading back to port st. joe on monday, and doing field work (in the water) in glasses just seems like a huge pain in the ass. not to mention that wearing glasses all day makes my head hurt. i think it's just the presence of something behind my ears for long periods of time. headbands have the same result.

anyway, let's talk about a different kind of doctor for a bit. i am reviewing a journal article for marine biology, and i am really digging the feeling of power that i have right now. i mean, i hold in my hands the power to influence an editor's decision to publish (or not to publish) someone's work. it's weird to be reviewing and criticizing the work of an author whom i have cited many, many times. i kind of like it.

i met with dr. v. yesterday and told him a couple of concerns that i have about the article and my thoughts in general. then he told me to go ahead and write the review, then he'll look it over before we submit it (and he'll be sure to give me credit for writing it). i've written lots of these things for classes, but this is my first real one, and i totally love it. it turns out that i'm pretty awesome at giving constructive criticism. see? and i bet you all thought that i could only give the scathing, obscenity-ridden variety of criticism.

i know you're dying for more, but that's all i've got for right now. i'm in a pretty delightful mood today, and i have no desire to ruin with the bubbling anger over hockey that is buried deep inside me (for now).

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