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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ice Pilots and Early Christmas

wow, so the pilots went 2-1 this weekend with an overtime win in columbia and a shootout victory in greenville (those bastards) and a 7-1 shellacking by gwinnett saturday night (glad chad and i decided not to go that one). i'm impressed. jacquo had goals in both of the wins... let's hope this trend continues tuesday and wednesday on the road trip and back at home next weekend. the win one, lose won pattern is a huge improvement over the lose, lose, then lose some more pattern we're all so familiar with.

and now for some more exciting news about an early christmas present chad and i decided to buy ourselves. wait for it... we bought a plasma! as in a 42" plasma tv. i'm so excited. as many of you may know, chad and i are frequent visitors to best buy, where i especially enjoy drooling over the 50" plasma tv's. well, while we were at his parents house on thanksgiving, we did some perusing of their sale papers for "black friday," and we found a deal at best buy that we couldn't resist - a 42" magnavox plasma tv with a built-in HD tuner and all kinds of other stuff that chad was really excited about for $1499. when i first started drooling over plasmas, a 42" was going for around $7,000. prices have been steadily dropping and are now usually in the neighborhood of $2500 - $3000 for a good 42". and we bought ours for around $1500. it appears to be a really good tv. well, it will be. we don't actually have it yet. when we arrived at best buy around 9:45 friday morning, they'd sold out, but the nice salesman informed us that he could order one for us that we can pick up tuesday, we just had to pay for it friday to get the sale price. sweet. so, day after tomorrow, i'll be watching the flyers play on my new plasma!


Deva said...

Sweet!! I know you are excited about that ... I sure you are on cloud nine!!!

Vanessa Mae said...

That's a pretty spiffy Christmas present! That's been on the top of your Christmas/gift list for a while. How about that Philly trip next year? :-D