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Thursday, November 03, 2005

I Know We Needed a Defenseman...

but did it absolutely have to be chris heid? as i'm sure you remember (but here's a reminder, in case you didn't), i am not exactly the president of the chris heid fan club. maybe i was a little too hard on the guy, but he contributed to the ice pilots' crazy-awful playoff performance last year. since he was a new addition for the playoffs, he was easy to blame. plus, he did really stupid things in the defensive end. some defenseman, eh? anyway, now heid has once again been assigned to the pilots from houston, and i don't think i'm happy about it. they are in desperate need of defenseman... and scorers... so i guess anyone should be welcome at this point, but i can't help it. until he proves his defensive skills to me, i don't like him. so there's your challenge, chris heid. prove me wrong. prove to me that you don't suck and that you deserve your position in pensacola (not to mention being signed with an AHL team).


Vanessa Mae said...

I knew you wouldn't be thrilled about Heid coming down here. Perhaps they did it to light a fire under his ass. It could explain why Peters wasn't returned instead.

I'd rather have Stokes.

latina marie said...

i second that. i would also rather have stokes. but maybe heid will turn out to be a good thing... ? yeah, i don't think so. we need some better players here, stat.