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Friday, April 15, 2005

Weezer: Proving Even Nerds Can Get Laid

so, i heard the new weezer song "beverly hills" on the radio last night on the way home from the game (more to come on that in a bit). that's the first time i've heard it on the radio, but i've seen the video a couple of times. the song is pretty catchy although not as good as their old stuff (but what 90's band is putting out albums now that are as good as the old ones? have you heard the new beck? it's just not "loser"). anyway, skeet (the dj) was talking about the band, which is full of your average nerds, but they're cool nerds. and he said something like, "i love those guys. they are proof that even nerds can get laid." this comment is based on the video for the song, which was filmed at the playboy mansion. for those of you who may not have seen the "beverly hills" video, it starts off with a shot of hugh heffner and a couple of bunnies, and heff is making a call to rivers cuomo, the band's lead vocalist, saying that the girls want weezer to come and play for them. so the video is basically a bunch of scantily clad playboy bunnies mingled with random shots of the weezer nerds (although their "other" guitar player is quite stylish) playing at the playboy mansion. so i guess this really does prove that even nerds can get laid - or at least get an invite to hang with hot (if somewhat slutty), half-naked chicks.

ok, now that i've mentioned the new weezer song, i can talk about last night's atrocity. i mean the ice pilots' game, of course. i can't believe they lost. i don't think they took the grrrowl seriously. those salty bastards (greenville, i mean). it went to OT, but overtime means caca in the playoffs. get it together, guys! they'd better absolutely kill greenville tonight to make up for last night. we took too many stupid penalties (i'm talking to you, st. jacques), didn't pay attention to the puck, made stupid, stupid mistakes (talking to chris heid here), got pushed around, and overall our guys just sucked. the virtually blind referee didn't help matters. that jackass. i hope nygel pelletier is not one of the officials tonight. i know that we got away with a few things (the most obvious being materukhin's blatant stick-holding, or rather stick-yanking), but greenville was especially dirty, with mucho clutching and grabbing, holding of anything they could get their hands on, and countless flying elbows. our guys played well for perhaps the first 5 minutes of the game. then we scored. and the team fell apart. greenville got under our skin and planted themselves like digger the dermatophyte (from that toenail fungus commercial). our guys can't make the same mistakes tonight. they have to play better in their own zone (chris heid again - no more taking the puck behind the net on the penalty kill when you have the perfect opportunity to clear it. that's how greenville scored their first goal. i blame you for that one). they also have to play better in the offensive zone. find some way to shake those guys. as you can probably tell, i was not impressed with chris heid's performance in his first game as an ice pilot. however, i am reserving judgement on his hockey-playing ability. he's rusty. but if he doesn't impress me tonight, i may decide i don't like him. yes, he had an assist last night, but his mistakes were far more common than his good play. if he'd just been so-so, i wouldn't really care. but most of what i saw was inconsistent. he made a lot of bad decisions (it wasn't just heid making bad decisions out there, most of our guys didn't appear to be thinking clearly. it's just heid who has to justify his position on our playoff roster to me...and i still think of him as a damn ice gator). heid wasn't all bad. he had his good moments (i.e., his assist). and he is nice to look at, but that counts for nothing on the ice. i hope to see a better performance from him (along with everyone else) tonight.


Vanessa Mae said...


This entry was great.

I do believe that the team as a whole needs to play better defensively. The OT goal was scored with too many guys standing around staring, like a deer in headlights. Coach F was right on during the postgame interview last night and now he needs to make the adjustments to make sure that there isn't a repeat of last night's debacle. We've played much better teams than this one, including the kings of clutch n grab, the Sea Wolves.

Poor Jacquo, banished from the ice til the OT. Heard from Kathy that Jordan was struggling through this morning's skate ... He might not be up to par for tonight's game. Damn it all to hell.

latina marie said...

damn it all to hell, indeed. and glad i'm good for a laugh. how'd you like my comparison of the greenville team to toenail fungus?

Vanessa Mae said...

It was superb. That was the part I laughed at the most!