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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cheap Shots

so, scott gomez has broken his pelvis and will be out for the rest of the playoffs. damn. so no matter what happens, i'm not gonna see him play anyone in the echl. this is what happens when guys feel the need to take cheap shots. he was leaving the ice when a bakersfield condor slammed him awkwardly into the door of the players' bench, sending gomez to the hospital with a broken pelvis. i just happened to be cruising the net, and for some reason i visited alaska's website and discovered this. i can't believe the story didn't make it onto the echl news page. oh well. maybe he'll still be traveling with the team if they come close to us, so i can do something like when nessa and i accosted martin lachaine for an autograph long, long ago and asked him why he wasn't playing to get the reply, "i hurt my groin." only this time it's, "i broke my pelvis." or "some jackass broke my pelvis."

so, gwinnett has beat the damn sea wolves to advance to the next round and florida has beat south carolina. so, pensacola needs to some way, somehow, by some miracle survive this round and go on to play the gwinnett gladiators. starting tonight, we must be better. we'll see how tonight's game goes...i'll be listening.

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Vanessa Mae said...

Kathy sent me the link to the story on Sunday night ... then a picture yesterday. Pretty disgusting if you ask me but it didn't surprise me considering who committed the dastardly deed. I am also pretty disappointed about not being able to see Mr. Gomez, especially since Alaska won their series last night.