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Monday, April 18, 2005

It's Only a Game

so, i just reread last night's post and realized that it was pretty intense. but so were my feelings about the game, obviously. i tell myself that it's only a game, a form of entertainment, something to take my mind off of other facets of my life. i feel like jimmy fallon's character in fever pitch when drew barrymore's character says, "it's only a game" in a bar full of red sox fans. only, i'm trying to tell myself that it is just a game, not my life. and it isn't my life. the guys who are out there getting paid to play it weren't as upset as i was. and maybe that's my problem. i guess it's not a rare thing for a fan to have more intense feelings about a game than the people playing it. it just seems so wrong. why should i care more about the way the ice pilots play than they do? hmm...i guess because i'm paying to see these guys play hockey, and i expect them to play hockey to the best of their ability. having seen "the best of their ability" up close and personal for six months, i know that what i've seen in the playoffs is not their best. and i'm disappointed. and pissed off. and feeling cheated. and not getting my money's worth. so,'s only a game. a game whose season is rapidly coming to a close. as jimmy fallon's character morphed into "winter guy," i am about to become "summer girl" again, and my life will no longer revolve around hockey. it is, after all, just a game.

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