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Monday, April 11, 2005

My Package Arrived Via UPS...

and they still suck. so, i finally got that package today a little after 4 pm. and at the same time, i got another package that shipped more than a week after the original package that i've been waiting for since last wednesday. stupid UPS. i guess it's nice that i finally got that book, but it sucks that it took so damn long. you know what sucks even more? well, friday when i talked to a customer service rep from UPS, i was told that someone from the place where my package was being held hostage would call me by 10 am today. they called me before 10 am, all right. my phone rang at 6:30 this morning, and it was of course a lady from UPS telling me that the package would arrive sometime today. and she couldn't make life easier by giving an approximate time or even the time of day i should expect it. so i was here piddling around all day so as not to miss the UPS woman, lest she mistakenly mark my box "return to sender". and the lady didn't even apologize for the mix-up (the woman from the pick-up center or the driver). stupid UPS. for future reference to those who have my digits, i do not enjoy being called early in the morning without a prior arrangement. if you know for sure that i am awake and expecting your call, fine call me before 8 am. otherwise, if you call me that early in the morning someone had better be dead - or i will make someone be dead. i know, i know. i'm not usually this threatening, but this whole UPS situation really has me peeved. if, by chance, you are reading this and don't know me, you probably wouldn't take my threats seriously if you did. i don't look very threatening. and most of the time i don't act it. but i can do some serious damage when rudely awakened for no good reason.

**a little aside here that has nothing to do with UPS. i checked out the playoff rosters on the echl site, and bill kinkel is conspicuously absent from pensacola's. houston keeps sending us all these damn ice gators when all we want is bill. ok, ok. i don't hate rooneem, but first david turon gets condemned to louisiana from st. john's and now houston is keeping kinky? damn the ahl. those bastards! sure, they're sending back ryan stokes and giving us maxime fortunas and chris heid, but i'd trade heid for kinky in a heartbeat. i guess beckett has been tyring to fill the void in our physical enforcement, but nobody beats bill kinkel. and another thing - st. john's took tyler away (beechey, that is) and broke him, and now we can't use him for a month! damn them. ok, i'm done now, i swear.


Vanessa Mae said...

I was talking with Casey about Kinkel being left off the roster. She's happy that he was, she thinks he's a liability.

I see him in another way. We don't need Beckett, Neilson, Phillips, O'Keefe, etc to fight and get stuck in the penalty box for 5, maybe 15 minutes or more. Kinkel can protect the valuable players, get his point across, and we won't lose a good player for an extended period of time. Everyone knows how good this team is, they will try their best to hurt them as much as possible. Kinkel could at least police that.

Newer fans these days just don't understand the role of the enforcer, and how valuable he really is to the team.

latina marie said...

i see the kinkel situation the same way you do, which is why i would rather have him back on the roster than heid. we have talent. we have good players we really don't need sitting out 5 minutes at a time. kinkel's role on this team was to take out the pesky players, get out there and get in their way while our other guys did their jobs.